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Welcome to VegWeek. Congratulations for taking this step to explore how your daily choices can improve the lives of animals, the environment and your own health. By taking the VegPledge with thousands of others, you've made a strong commitment to explore the positive impacts of vegan eating. We’re so excited to support you along the way. 

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Make Every Week VegWeek

VegWeek has always been about encouraging people to try vegan eating for at least one week out of the year. But why stop there? We hope you'll continue exploring the benefits of plant-based food all year -- and we'll continue offering an abundance of resources and support year round, too.

Now more than ever, feeling connected and building community is so important. That’s why we’ve created our VegWeek Facebook Group for our supporters and veg-curious people to connect, share resources and work together toward changing the world for animals.

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